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Pietro Pecorari
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Seen by T.Paloscia
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San Martino
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Mushrooms into the straw hat, oil painting, 40x50, 1975
A bundle of geraniums, oil painting, 40x50, 1993 A vase of twin floers, indian ink and pastel ,30x40, 2005 The persimmons under the umbrella are beauty, watercolour, 30x40, 2005 The white soul of all the yellow brooms, indian ink and pastel, 30x40, 2003

Sunflowers among the straw, oil ainting, 40x50, 1992 In the profile of an egg, lives the purity of love, indian ink, 30x40, 1987 A vase of flowers, oil painting, 50x70, 1963
The red fields are in bloom and the little house is full of peace, oil painting, 40x30, 1990
Red fox waiting, indian ink and pastel, 30x40, 2004
Autumn: the fruit's light illuminates the hill, oil painting, 35 x 40, 1996
Daylight illuminates the hawthorn, watercolour, 30X40, 2004 Daisies under the stars, watercolour,30X40, 2004 Maybeetles around the world, oil painting, 30x40, 1996 The sun kisses an ear of corn and makes it blonde, indian ink and pastel, 25X35, 2005