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Metamorphosis of a fox in a cake that plunges into a glass of red wine, oil painting, 35X40, 1983




A cock with a flowey feather, oil paintng, 40x50, 1984 Pensioners arm in arm toward home, oil painting, 20x24, 1986 A man inside a trunk burnt by fire, oil painting, 30x40, 1992

It's May, a beautiful lilac coloured dress for the lady going  for a walk, oil painting, 30x35, 1992

Three spindles dancing in a happy ring a ring o'roses, oil paiting, 50x60, 1997

Metamorphosis of a bowl in a turkey,oil painting, 40X50, 1985 The tongs and the shovel are friends, watercolour, 30x40, 2004 The housewife named margherita, oil painting, 25X35, 1998

A rose dressed like a lady, watercolour, 30x40, 2005

An old woman between pots and kitchen, oil painting, 35X40, 1980