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San Martino is an old Franciscan monastery sited a little to the north of Selci-Lama, between San Giustino Umbro and Città di Castello, on the border-line of the provinces of Perugia and Arezzo.

I have personally restored this monastery, using the old structures to re-create the aura of peace and serenity which the St. Francis of Assisi's followers have left on every stone.

“You will certainly fell great pleasure on viewing

this land from the top of a mountain.

It will seem to you to be painted

with a brush rather than real countryside,

because your eyes will be enchanted

wherever you look;

you will be enamoured of the order and variety

of what you see."


Thus Plinio describes the Tiber Valley, which he could see extending below him in the view from his villa.



Pecorari, "Pietro", is a genuine child of this land, and he has always painted it, by day and by night, travelling, in his canvases, well beyond the walls of his house and the countryside which has been present in his eyes, mind and heart since he was a child.


He lives here, and here his art has found the right environment. Because Art belongs to all Humanity, it has been his wish that this monastery, work of art which contains an artist's works of art, should become a Cultural Centre, inspired by Peace and Nature.