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A martian swallow, indian ink, 30x40, 1985
Dancing onion, indian ink, 24x30, 1986
 An angel and the cherry tree, indian ink, 30x40, 1992
On the top of the beak, a stork brings pureness, like the Sun, indian ink, 30x40, 1995
Lady sitting beside a flower, indian ink, 30x40, 1994

Round a cypress dancing snails, indian ink, 30 x 40 2005
A pot in love with hen, gives its corn, watercolour, 30x40, 2004 Pears in a cloth, watercolour, 30 x 40, 1990 Morning autumn hill, watercolour, 30x 40, 2007 Ladybirds live round little country house, watercolour, 25x35, 2004
Little snail is looking on the top of the flowers pot, watercolour, 26x35, 2003 Matured pears among the stack of hay, watercolour 30x40, 2004 Little country house surrounded by blackberries,
 watercolour, 25X30, 2005
The moon bears its flowers, indian ink and pastel, 25X30, 2002 A lonely olive tree at the border of the fields bent by the wind, watecolour, 30x40, 2002
Cascade of coloured oranges, watercolour, 30x 40, 2004
A vain little horse, after a race, is relaxing, drinking a cup of coffee, indian ink and pastel, 30x40, 1998
In May cherries look like little birds: they are pecking and flying over the cherry tree father, watercolour, 30x40, 2004 My coffee maker is an angel, indian ink and pastel, 25 X 30, 2004 Iris is keeping the dog on a leash, indian ink and pastel, 25 x 30, 1996
Beesí wedding, pastel 21x30, 2005 A nest hidden among the straw, indian ink and pastel, 30x40, 2000 Rita, oil painting, 45x60, 1986 David, oil painting, 45x60, 1988 The Sun, as beautiful as a flower, lights a fire over may grass. Then, from the top looks, at it and wonders: which of us will burn harder?, oil painting, 50 x 70, 2007

High wheatĎs beauty, oil painting, 15X19, 2005 A lonely tree trunk among the snow, oil painting, 20X30, 1995 A tasty fruit transforms into colourful house, oil painting, 15X19, 2005 The sun says goodmorning to the wonders of creation, oil painting, 15X12, 2005 A fish-like little customs house which divides sky from earth and sea, oil painting, 30x40, 1995
Hen likes vegetable garden ewer, oil painting, 30x50, 1988 A Franciscan is walking shouldering a bag, oil painting, 30x40, 1992 A ladle takes the flour from the sack while a hungry bird of pray is watching, oil painting, 40x50, 1996 The disabled grand father, the corn meal mush and the grill, oil painting, 40x50, 1995 Little chinese girl with umbrella, oil painting, 50 X 60, 1980
Iíve caressed thorned berries, neither time nor years will make its colours faded; a bird in love built a nest on the top, oil painting, 35x50, 2002
Lily lady, oil painting, 30x50, 1988 A purring sheep thinks about next winter, oil painting, 30x40, 2000 Godís eye drives the sun over wheat tuft, oil painting, 25X35, 2000 My grand mother loved vegetable gardenís tomatoes and used to make tomato sauce.
Its scent wafted up in the kitchen, and slice of bread were red stained
, oil painting, 40x50, 1996

On the top of a hill, I embrace the sky: my soul sings, oil painting 30x23,8 2017
Life of a summer day in front of my house, oil painting, 31x41 1991 An old grandmother's iron slowly transforms itself and gives life to a mouse, oil painting, 31x41 1984 The seasons are divided into four parts full of colorful life, 4 cubes 3x3, enamel on stone, 2017
In the name of Mary, some flowers in the glass, indian ink, 23,5x34,5 1992
The guinea flow mother's Good, indian ink, 21,5 x 30, 1986
How beautiful the world was when my grandmother prayed in the white-walled house, pastel, 20x25, 1999
The road that goes up the hill, oil painting, 35x45 1964 A white dawn in winter, oil painting, 12x 13, 2018
In the middle of a hill, a wooden log creates the grandfather: sitting, smoking a pipe and looking at nature, oil painting, 14,3x12, 2018.


The sunrise greets a spring field of chamomile, oil painting, 16x18, 2007 The birds find love on a flowering plant, watercolour, 38x55, 2018
At the bottom of the trunk of a peach tree in bloom, a small hare looks with love at her puppies, oil painting, 14,2x12,2, 2018