Dramatic days

Pietro Pecorari
The story
Seen by T.Paloscia
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San Martino
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AIDS. A fish-bone near a vase of flowers, oil painting, 40x50, 1989





A heart,injured by drugs cries its evil, oil painting, 1983, 40x50 
Smoking tends to modify our aspect, oil painting, 30x40, 1983
The Alcoholism, oil painting, 24x30, 1983

The two drops of the life from a  ruffled flask , olio su tela, 40x30, 1983

An empty jug of waters is in mourning for the many dead that still today are killed by thirst, oil painting, 30x40, 2002
Like a candle that burns slowly, even the life of a poor girl can vanish slowly in smoke, indian ink and pastel, 2001, 30x40
Auschwitz, indian ink, 25x30, 2000
Ecology, indian ink, 25x35, 1989